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In my current position, I don't often give feedback. And I never give tests, although I do mark ones other teachers have given. What I have done in the past is help students prepare for external speaking tests, here in Japan a common course is Eiken. I wish that I could see classes more regularly and evaluate progress, but seeing classes only once a month at most is quite limiting. In the future, maybe I can do evaluation where I can just at the end of classes, or I can make an evaluation form or test at the end of the school year.The content of this unit is on three important concept of every language and the techniques in teaching them for the learners to be comfortable and motivated in studying the language ,these are vocabulary,grammar and functions,the three are interdependent to each other. In the unit I have learnt the best method in making the learners have interest in a new language being the understanding of the new vocab and grammar ,the meaning of word and their use with the function. Aso the best structure of teaching new vocabulary and grammar.