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D.H. – U.S. said:
The present verb is not a difficult subject, but there are many questions. Such a variety of forms of the present time causes confusion among students, whose language has only one present time. In order to say in English the thought in the present tense one must choose one of its four kinds. Many questions on time Present Perfect. Present Perfect - this is the perfect time. Traditionally, this time causes great difficulties with understanding, and that's why. Present Perfect is real by name, but in meaning in some situations it is real, and in others - past. Such ambiguity lies in its very name: Present Perfect is a real perfect time. The word Present denotes the present, and the Perfect is the perfect, and therefore the past. Perfect action can not be real in any way. Therefore, it is impossible to explain Present Perfect tense within one modern time, although all try to do it. Hence, such ridiculous explanations arise as: \"Present Perfect is the present perfect time, which is translated by the past and has a direct connection with the present moment.\