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S.H. – U.K. said:
Unit 13 taps into a very difficult part of English teaching and learning: the phonics. Since English is not a phonetic language, it's important to learn the rules of pronunciation. This unit helps with explaining these rules that make the language sound authentic. It talks about intonation that carries messages within a sentence or even a single word. It also shows how stressing different words can change the meaning of the sentence and explains the basic rules of which syllables should be stressed in what type of words. After these it moves on to talk about pronunciation and tools that we can use to make words sound they way they should. A detailed and organized table of phonetic symbols shows us the voiced- and unvoiced consonant, the vowel, and the diphthong sounds of the language. After explaining the sounds the unit teaches us how to sort them by the speech organs we use to create them, the place of articulation, and the manner of articulation. All through the unit we get useful tips about how to teach this area of the language.