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E.W. - Poland said:
This unit was great for me in terms of understanding the various types of teaching methods, as we know that not all learners are the same. There are a number of methods that can be used for Kinaesthetic learners, Auditory learners, Visual learners and Auditory Digital learners. The Engage, Study and Activate method was my favourite in the methods section. This unit offered me an understanding of a wide variety of methods and approaches to use for all learning styles, thus giving me flexibility for those learners that needed more information, those learners that need a more hands on approach to those learners that need more discussion to learn. So far with all the units to now, giving students a safe, caring and nurturing learning environment is key to relaxed stress free learning. Adopting an Engage, Study and Activate approach is perfect for me and this unit helps me to accept that this might be my preferred learning style and that having other teaching options for those styles that are not like my own, so for example Communicative Language Teaching would be idea for the Auditory learning style. Being able to smoothly and seamlessly integrate these into a learning environment is a great asset