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J.T. – Spain said:
This unit describes the past tense of verbs in their four conjugations of simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Each conjugation went over the three forms of affirmative, negative, and question format, along with the various usages of each. The most helpful pieces of information were the time indicators that went with each conjugation, such as \"ago\" usually signifying past simple and \"after\" and \"when\" denoting past perfect, because it provides students with clues to understanding the grammar better. Knowing common mistakes and errors that students tend to make is insightful as well so we as instructors have a better idea of what to look out for and potentially clarify ahead of time that mistakes are made. When teaching the material in this chapter, I believe that the most important thing to clarify is the differences between the past and present perfect forms, which can be confusing when implemented. I feel that the pointers that this chapter gives will help me to instruct students better otherwise.