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E.M. - Ireland said:
English as a Foreign/Second Language teachers are confronted with various potential problems in the class room. A new class may at first be difficult to teach as the teacher does not know the dynamics of the class, the weak or strong students, and the learning needs of the students. Large classes may also be a problem as the class may be a mix of various levels and it may be a multilingual classes consisting of various cultural backgrounds. In some classes the teach may have one or more students who are reluctant to participate or even learn material. Teachers are also faced with teaching students of different English levels in both large and small classes; in suche a case, it is best for the teacher to pair a weak student with a strong student. To be sure the first lesson is the optimum time for the teacher to find out the students' levels, their learning purposes, their learning needs. Also, the first lesson should be used to establish rapport with the students' and to set a positive learning environment for future class lessons.