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J.P. – U.K. said:
In unit 16 we learned about conditionals and reported speech. Specifically we discussed how to form the five different forms of conditionals and when to use them appropriately. I had been reminded about the mixed conditional as where I work it is not covered very often; instead the other four. However, the mixed conditional is formed using (if + past perfect + would + verb in base form). This conditional is used to refer to hypothetical past actions with hypothetical present consequeneces. Perhaps why this form isn't discussed too much in my country is because- as it indicated in the text for the unit- there a many other forms of mixed conditionals. Nonetheless the unit went on to discuss reported speech and how to correctly convert direct speech to reported speech. This topic I am quite familiar with but was happy to read about the teaching ideas- specifically \"What a question!\" and \"Nuclear Bunker\". These activities involving conditionals are sure to interest students as it directly engages them and compels them to think logically and/or creatively and comedically. These activities I mentioned are a welcomed reprieve for the typical finish the sentence \"If I had a million dollars I would...\".