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L.T. – U.S.A. said:
This unit covered the theories, techniques and methodologies that accompany teaching. In other words, this unit provided both a history and toolbox for different ways a teacher could lead a class. For example, we looked at the different ways people were taught in the past--from Audio-Lingualism which was used in the army, to constructist theories such as the Silent Way. We looked at unique theories that may not even be deemed as the \"normal\" to teach, such as Luzonov's Suggestopedia, which incorporates both lively and Baroque music to students to help them get rid of their affective filter. Each theory, method or technique was also assessed on the pros and cons of its effectiveness. We could each take we liked from each theory or technique and apply it to ourselves in order to become a well-rounded teacher. Jeremy Harmer produced a book titled \"How to Teach English\" and looked at all of the different methodologies used throughout history and took the effective pros from each theory in an attempt to make the best and well-rounded way to teach a student. Hence, he created ESA. It was suggested that budding teachers use this direct, but effective form of teaching their students when they start off.