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R.R. - Spain said:
The key points from this unit are as follows. Planning is essential for lessons in terms of good preparations. Lesson plans can function as an aid to planning, a working document, and a record. A good lesson plan should be simple, have the good structure with estimated time for each stage, and be flexible. There are a number of things to be checked and organized before the lesson starts in order to run the lesson smoothly. For instance, checking the equipment and make sure enough materials like worksheets are ready. Things that should be included in a lesson plan are Learner(student) objectives, Personal(teacher's) aims, Language point, Teaching aids, Anticipated problems, Phase, Timing, Interaction, Class level, Number of student, Date/time, Teacher's and observer's names, etc. Self evaluation is also a good tool for the teacher's improvement in his/her teaching skills. When planning a sequence of lessons, we must consider flexibility in our approach, building proper student's objectives into a series of lessons, reviewing over a sequence of lessons and revising it constantly, and incorporating a good variety and mix of activities. We can make use of lesson plans for any type of ESA lessons.