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I.N. – New Zealand said:
In this unit I have learned that the importance of writing a lesson plan is to have a future record of the lessons and worksheets, a plan that you can refer to while giving a class, as well as to plan a more organized lesson. In doing so the teacher can look at each activity and see how much time it will take to go through, anticipate any difficulties and work through their solutions, as well as viewing each phase of the lesson. I have also learned that it is a good idea to break down each phase lesson, how much time it will take, its difficulty, its interaction and the best way to flow smoothly from one activity to the next. I have also learned that while planning a lesson it is important to try to anticipate the possible problems that the students or teacher may have during the lesson, and more importantly finding a solution to the problem. While planning a lesson or a group of lessons, although organized planning is important, it is also important to stay flexible with the activities and with what the students enjoy.