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R.H. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 16 deals with Conditionals and reported speech. It gives a clear explanation of both grammar points, some teaching ideas and common errors/mistakes so teachers can be aware of possible mistakes and know how to cope with them, prevent them or work throught them. As regards conditionals, there are five types: zero conditional, used for actions and facts that are irrefutable; first conditional, used to talk about future real situations that are possible; second conditional, used for unreal or hypothetical situations in the present or future; third conditional, used for hypothetical past situations; and the mixed conditional, which combine a second conditional clause with a third conditional clause, and it is used to a hypothetical past action or state and he hypothetical present consequence. When reporting in English, some words remain the same but some words change. Verb tenses shift to a tense back (present to past and so on), and time references also shift like tomorrow can be changed to the day after, the next day, the following day, etc.