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V.F. - Korea said:
Students need to have the desire to learn for activities to be a success. If students to dot feel engaged, they will not want to communicate. When teaching accuracy, the study phase is usually used to help the students to drill what the correct way to use the new language. Fluency is usually used in the activate stage when students for freely use the foreign language. When correcting a student in any stage, do not interrupt the student. Also, do not condone the student if correct speech is used. The teacher should keep track of what student have problems with, and if there is a common one make a remedial lesson for the class to help better understand what they are missing. If a student is having problems on their own a remedial assignment or one-on-one with teacher and student may help the student grasp the problem. Interaction from student promotes eagerness to learn so keeping students engaged with games is good for all age groups. Creative writing lessons where students can express themselves freely is also a great way to hold a students attention. Games that we used growing up such as tic-tac-toe and Jeopardy can be fun ways to tie in lessons and get students interacting with the lesson.