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This lesson outlines a few of the most common problems an instructor will encounter with students. Reluctant students must be handled delicately, and speaking confidence should be built slowly over time. Also, patience is important with students who revert back to their native language, as it is more out of a desire to communicate than any inherent need to disrupt the flow of the class. Make sure to explain yourself clearly so that students do need feel the need to translate your directions to their confused peers.This unit is a short grammar review. It is about the structure and common usages of the past tenses. It gives some teaching ideas that can be used in the classroom and shows common students mistakes. Balancing the need to teach proper use of the past tense with the need for fun and challenging activities in the classroom can often seem like a chore. I think it can be difficult to design tense exercises that keep students engaged, while also making sure they?re well-drilled on the fundamentals of a certain tense.