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R.H. – Germany said:
In this unit, I watched two ESA teaching demonstrations of how to effectively teach English in a classroom. In the first video, the teacher was completely disconnected, disrespectful to his students, and overall degrading. He provided no useful information, ignored the students, looked absolutely unpleasant and disinterested. This does not provide a healthy, fun, or active learning environment and ultimately intimidated the students. The second video was much better at engaging with the students and creating a fun learning environment. It was clear the students enjoyed the teachers activities and the teacher was there to support them. Instead of turning his back to his students like in the first video, the second video clearly shows him making an effort to engage with the class and giving them a chance to speak at all costs. One thing I would change in the second video is to let the class have a chance to discuss among themselves to further create a more comfortable environment among peers, and practice with the language.