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I.P. – Korea said:
This Unit covers the specific ways in which to teach most successfully. These include methodologies and techniques found through research, experience and knowledge of our own L1 development. The 9 most common techniques known and used vary depending on the class type and teacher approach. A combination of these are used in James Harper's method, ESA. ESA has 3 main sections; Engage, Study and Activate. This is a structure which can be applied either in this order or changed slightly to suit the lesson topic for example. These sequenses are called 'Straight Arrow', 'Boomerang' and 'Patchwork'. This method gives teachers a lot of flexibility in lesson planning and when in the lesson itself. Feedback is also covered in this unit. This puts forward how praise and mistakes can be acknowledged and delivered in the most beneficial way for the learner. It is important also to know when and who should be correcting the mistake or error. Mistakes are not the same as errors and there are different ways to approach and solve these.