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C.L. - Italy said:
Unit 7 discusses teaching vocabulary, grammer and functions. The four things students need to do with new language are: first, be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how its constructed and then be able to practise and produce it. A teacher should select vocabulary based on its teachability, how appropriate it is for the students, the task and finally how frequently it is used. Students must learn the vocabulary word's meaning, use, where it belongs in a sentence, how it interacts and affects other words, spelling and pronunciation. Techniques laid out in the lesson follow the Engage, Study and Activate language structures. When teaching vocabulary, a teacher could use pictures, discussion, mime and action etc to engage the students. Gap-fill exercise, crosswords, pronunciation exercises could be used during the study phase and finally role play, story building, debates etc. can be used during the activate phase. When introducing grammatical structures, meaning, use, forms and patterns and its spoken an written form must be covered.