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B.M. – U.K. said:
Unit Fifteen explains different types of tests and reasons why a student of English might need to be evaluated. As a new student enters a language school, they will complete a placement test to ensure that that they are placed at the correct learning level and in the right class. It is important for students to begin the classes with peers who are at the same learning level. At the start of the class, students may also complete a diagnostic test that will help the teacher to plan for the lessons. Progress tests can be given periodically to measure what the student has learned, remembered, and forgotten from the lessons previously covered. Progress tests are very useful to understand which areas of the lesson are more challenging for the class to understand, but they are not always required or utilized by teachers. There are many external tests that may or may not be required for non-natives who are learning English for business purposes, traveling, or because they have moved to a country where English is the native language.