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T.P. - Canada said:
This unit was about common problems teachers face in TEFL courses, and some suggestions and solutions for how to deal with them. The section about first lessons was very good. Next time I meet a class for the first time, I want to incorporate activities that will help me get to know the students better (like ball pass). In my teaching context, I'm expected to introduce myself during the first lesson, but the way it's structured, there's little of me getting to know the students better. I'd like to change that. I teach in a monolingual context, and avoiding using the students' native language for elementary school is incredibly difficult. The students are usually beginners and can only say a few things (like introductions, I like/don't like, and random vocabulary words). The teachers I work with rarely speak much English (some not at all), and so I have to communicate with them in their native language. I try hard to use gestures, visual aids, and demonstrations to explain how to do activities, and I've gotten much better at doing so, but it's still a struggle. I appreciated the section about use of native language in this unit for its tips, and I'll remind my students more often to use English.