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M.J. - Korea said:
In this unit we saw a number of very important factors in managing a classroom. There is much more to teaching than just knowing what you will be teaching. We need to consider our class size, seating arrangements, work methods, our personal disposition, the ways in which we communicate, how we ask questions, the relationship between the studends, how our students feel, how they see us, and how all these things can come together and determine how well our class will go. What's also very important is how we need to think very well about what to do when things don't go too well. How to always keep in mind that the goal is to teach, and that we must always try to correct and discipline students in the best possible way. Not making them feel singled out or punished too harshly. Always focusing on the behaviour and not the student. Always punishing privately as much as possible, and always calmly. The goal is always a well functioning learning environment which is optimal for the students, and we should always approach our class management from this perspective.