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B. W. - Mexico said:
This unit discusses about evaluation and tests we may need to prepare our students for. There are common types of tests teachers administer to their students. They are the placement test: which places the new students to the correct class according to their ability; diagnostic test which will tell the students' strength and what areas should be covered, progress test to know what language has been forgotten or retained, the practice test which can be used for internal or external exams and is as the same as the real exam; and the external proficiency test which is conducted by outside organizations for the purpose of study or work in a country that uses English as the first language. I agree that as teachers, we should evaluate our students not only through games/activities/observations but also through tests. They help teachers and students to work on and improve the identified difficulty/weakness from the test. Also, I think the students would want to know how much language they have acquired and sometimes it either motivates them or discourage them. Nevertheless, we, as teachers need to evaluate and test them. I've learned the uses and differences of tests here including the external exams.