TESOL Cowles Nebraska

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Teaching new language requires the careful thought of many aspects and methodologies. In this unit we revisit the straight arrow, boomerang, and patchwork techniques. We are introduced to the receptive and productive vocab terminology with respect to what our students know and use. When selecting what vocabulary to teach, we must consider the appropriateness of it for the student as well as the task we will be concentrating on, the frequency of use and it's teachability. I imagine that with the younger students it would be appropriate to show pictures of what the word means. Also, what we learn in this unit is grammatical structures. The student must understand what the language means, how and when it is used, the formation and patterns of the language and what are it's spoken versus written forms. The fun part of this is students learn some informal or casual uses of the language, which becomes situational and offers cues about how to behave in certain social circumstances.