TESOL Dalian

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D.B. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 7 is all about how we can teach a new language to out students, it focuses on the appropriate methods of how to help students understand vocabulary, grammar and functions. It gives examples of ESA lessons that would effectively teach the students new articles of vocabulary, grammar, and functions through activities that will engage them, provide study materials for them to learn, and activate stage for them to use what they've learned. It also talks about the factors to consider when teaching new vocabulary items such as similarity to the L1 of the student, and the similarity of the new vocabulary to the L2 they've already learned, the spelling and the pronunciation, and of course the appropriacy of it to the level and lesson of the students. Appropriacy also plays a huge role in teaching functions as one has to teach and understand how to use English properly for formal, informal, technical, and tentative situations. This lesson also provides a refresher for the teacher on how to create ESA lessons and what kinds of activities would suit the situation at hand, it also suggests a plethora of activities to try and to use for future classes.