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Creating lesson plans proved to be very confusing for me when I first started teaching. I don?t have a teaching background and I didn?t receive any training before I was assigned to work at a large junior high school (twenty-two classes) and three elementary schools. It was frustrating trying to come up with goals and activities given how infrequently I see each class and the lack of proper communication with my JTEs. I didn't know what was appropriate for the students? level of English or what they had done in class. Eventually, I got the hang of it, mostly from observing the teachers and students in class. I realized early on that I needed flexibility over structure, especially because my role as an ALT at my school is to bring ?fun? into the lesson and activities. Now, it?s very easy for me to jot some ideas down for a potential grammar point that I?m supposed to help the students practice. My current goal is to thinking about the method of teaching as shown in the example lesson plan.