TESOL Dehradun

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A.I. - India said:
Unit 12 was very helpful in addressing ?teaching productive skills? as most students are most timid when it comes to expressing themselves verbally. This unit gives good advice on how to effectively promote speaking and writing in the classroom. Firstly it?s important to know the reasons for communicating and which of the reasons will work best for optimizing retention in the classroom. The advice for encouraging students to speak, techniques to encourage interaction and example free/creative speaking activity lessons are very helpful in accomplishing this premise. As a teacher you should also think about every aspect of the lesson before it begins, what issues might arise during, and what kind of feedback can be given after. Always remember to give positive feedback after a productive skill lesson in order to promote confidence for future activities. Recording oral activities gives the teacher time to correct common mistakes and address individual students. Many of these same principles can be applied to lessons promoting the productive phase of writing.