TESOL Delaware

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M.S. – U.S.A. said:
This unit has been essential to my understanding of the different means of assessment, evaluation and testing. Conducting the correct form of testing and assessment is extremely important to improving and developing a students ability and proficiency in the key skill areas (reading and writing;listening and speaking; application of punctuation to grammar and writing). You cannot apply a single form of assessment for an entire course or teach with a vague sense of your students abilities. This is not professional and will undermine your efforts to provide a quality course for your learners. Take a look at the placement test as an example. You need to do a placement test at the start of the year if you want ascertain where your students should be placed in a course. Random or haphazard placement of students, with no thought to their ability , will compromise the learning experience for individual students, as the course might not cater to their specific language ability. Similarly, progress tests must taken throughout a course to ensure a student's ability is being monitored and assessed for improvement. Knowing these different forms of assessment and evaluation has been integral to my knowledge of professional teaching practise