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A.O. – Korea said:
The unit is based on the different ways a teacher can teach and how effective his or her teaching would be. It demonstrates two ways and EFL teacher would teach modal auxiliary verbs to beginner-level students. The first video showed a very ineffective teacher who did not prepare his lesson plan beforehand and showed no passion for teaching. He was not attentive enough with the students and was rude toward them. He didn't use anything to engage the student?s interests in the lesson. His lack of preparation, genuineness, courtesy and smile had a negative impact on the students, leaving them learning next to nothing at the end of the lesson. In the second video, the very same teacher had a very friendly attitude and built a good rapport with the students. He utilized all parts in a straight-forward ESA lesson while at the same time keeping his language consistent and simple for the students. As a result, his students are able to achieve the objective of the lesson and gained much benefit from it. Overall, this unit has helped me to see the difference between an ineffective and effective teacher. I hope to achieve the level of effectiveness seen from the teacher in the second video someday.