TESOL Dexter Corners Delaware

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In teaching English to speakers of other languages, a teacher may be presented with opportunities to teach individual students and classes that have varying levels of experience, skill, interest, and needs. In addition, students may be of varying age levels from children to adults to elders. Most classrooms will be populated with a general age group and level of ability, however, in some adult classes there may be a greater age gap for participants. Each level of the student/teacher relationship has its own particular best practices for lesson planning, however, across all levels, planning, patience, empathy, and consistency, among other things, are vital to a good working classroom environment. A teacher's ability to observe their students, use empirical data from surveys and diagnostic tests, and use engaging lesson plans are important so that the teacher can present balanced and appropriate lessons. Lastly, speaking English in a warm, accurate, and inviting manner will create the best learning environment.