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F.M. - Canada said:
Unit 9's analysis of lesson planning highlighted the importance of teacher organization and awareness. There are many factors that contribute to lesson planning for ESL students, all of which should be included in each individual lesson you create. Learner objectives are the first and most important part of your lesson plan, this helps to keep you on track throughout the lesson and allows you to identify the students' progress at the end of the lesson. Another important aspect of lesson planning comes from unit 3: study phases. Unit 9 incorporates the engage, study, and activate lesson planning framework due to it's easy and organized usage. An awareness of timing throughout your lesson is important and should be flexible, teachers should monitor activities and be able to make adjustments based on student observation and feedback. Lesson planning helps inexperienced teachers to become comfortable in front of a class, however, you must also make sure to be flexible in your lesson in order to keep students engaged. A good balance between structure and flexibility in a teacher is ideal for a successful lesson.