TESOL Dupree South Dakota

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There are advantages and disadvantages in using course books. Using course book is less time consuming and it provides a syllabus which is graded to a level suitable for the students. However, it does not always fit the specific needs and interests of all the class members and it may not cover in enough depth language problems specific to the nationality of students we are teaching. Therefore, teachers should know when to omit certain lessons from the course book and replace some of the course book material with more appropriate material, for example, we could use authentic materials instead.I think taking into account classroom sizes, sitting arrangement, students ages, personalities, physical spaces are important in classroom setting. I enjoy the discussion on use of eye contacts, as well as classroom activities, whether I fully agree with them or not. I also like the information on students and teacher's talk time, though I think a factor to take into consideration is whether the class is geared toward verbal communication issues, or grammatical and vocabulary building as in classroom where the focus is on verbal, I would spend more time on teacher and student speaking time.