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During the Unit 13 of this course I learned about Pronunciation and Phonology, definition, intonation and I read about methods, ways and examples for effective teaching. As mentioned in the course, pronunciation is one of the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. One important reason is that foreign teachers don't have the confidence and the training experience in this area. I agree that an effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation an integral part of the course because students are as concerned about it as they are with any other aspect of learning English.This unit is about course books and lesson materials. This unit discusses the differences between authentic and created materials, the advantages and disadvantages of course books, best use of course books, four different options for course book use, and analysing a course book. The section on created materials is very helpful. This section has some great examples. I agree that there should be a balance between course book use and created materials within the classroom. Relying only upon a course book can become monotonous and boring not only for the students, but for the teacher as well.