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R.A.- Lebanon said:
In this unit, we are focusing on part of grammar, which we have to look on the followings:The Modal Auxiliary verbs,Passive voice, Phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. The Modal verbs are:Can,could, may,might, shall, should, will,would must, have to, need to, needn't and ought to, these verbs can be used for five ideas which are ; Obligation,possibility,permission, ability, and advice. The passive voice is divided into two:The active and the passive.What ever ,we should not forget of their usage and teaching ideas. In addition, we also have the relative clauses, that is,a group of words containing the subject and a verb,there are three types of clauses: The independent,dependent and the relative clause. We must not also forget of the the phrasal verbs ,which are into three types:The intransitive,the transitive seperable and the transitive inseperable. In this unit, i have learned about modal auxiliary verbs and it types,i have learned how to use the passive and the active voice,i have learned how to use the relative clauses and more so, to know what a prasal verb is and it types.