TESOL Mount Morris Wisconsin

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This unit tackled troubles one may encounter when teaching. It was focused on the outline of a first lesson - how to establish rapport with a new or an existing group, which \"warmers\" to use (instead of grammar exercises) such as pass the ball, hangman etc. Furthermore, troubleshooting concerning mixed or larger classes was considered as well as students reluctant to speak English. I found that in every case, it is generally important to establish a good rapport with the students, to make them feel comfortable, and to consider their individual needs (e.g. group work in larger classes).Unit 7 wasn't as difficult as the other units I have completed so far. A lot of the material was from a previous unit; Unit 3. However, I did learn how to break down lessons, which included language structures, grammatical structures, and typical ESA lessons. I also learned which activities are suitable for Engage, Study and Activate phases, which would be really helpful to teach students. Unit 7 is about students being able to exposed to the language, understand its meaning, and understand how it is constructed enabling each student to practice the language, as grammar is very important.