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I do not think it is necessary here to list all the items which are explained and analysed in this unit. All have their use at time, depending on what the lesson needs and what is available. A most sensible point of the unit is to emphasise the need for teachers to be fully conversant with the operation and capabilities of the equipment, prepared and checked before the class starts. But, if I am not mistaken, something I have been using for many years in a business environment (often to present cases but also effectively for teaching/education) seems to be missing? A projector simply connected to a PC or laptop. It is far cheaper and common than an interactive whiteboard (admittedly less powerful) and can fulfil many of the other aids on its own (scanning to create visuals, dynamic MS powerpoint presentations acting like stacked overhead transparencies, audio and video, online in the class, etc.). Also, get a cam and you have a video recorder. So many online sources that I do not know where to start!