TESOL Feira De Santana

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N. T. - Taiwan said:
In this course I've learned about classroom management and its' cornerstones. Teachers have to be very careful about their gestures, voice, eye contact. While teaching teacher can use different activities such as grouping students for example, but he/she has to always follow the main rule to decrease TTT and increas STT during the lesson. All explanations have to be simple and fast, the level of English that is used by the teacher has to be lower then students' to make them understand and feel confident. Classroom rapport is very important for establishing peaceful and relaxing learning environment also the position of the teacher and students in the classroom is very important, but it always can be arranged according to the classroom size, amount of students and school rules. Managing discipline can be hard but if classroom rapport is established correctly problems might not apper at all. But if they did, solving a behaviour problem is teacher's responsibility. The problem can be overcomed individually or with the help of classroom management rules and activities.