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There are 3 ways to assess a student's language level. They are the tutorial, evaluation by the students and tests. Tutorial - to spend some lesson time reviewing to work done, discussing the aims of the lessons, how well the students performed the tasks, whether there are any problems etc. Evaluation by the students - students' comments, whether they feel that they are enough materials during the lesson; if the balance of skills works right; if they think the work is too easy, too difficult or just right. Tests can be divided into placement tests (to assist the formation of groups of students of the same level) or diagnostic tests (designed to tell what students do and don't know), practice tests (to get some idea of how close the students are to the required examination standard), achievement tests (usually given at the end of the course of school year). Other mentioned tests are external examinations (offered by organizations) and proficiency tests (to measure proficiency in English at a particular level).