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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. The main conditionals are zero, first, second, third and mixed. Each conditional incorporates tenses from the present and past. Reported speech and directed speech varies greatly depending on the context. If reporting the speech immediately, it must be stated in the present tense. However, if it is reported later on, it must be reported in the past tense. From this unit, I feel that I have learned just how important the tenses are when used to report an event to someone else. Words may have to be altered, as well as the usage of pronouns.I know more about the Teaching special groups of people in different levels how to deal with them and how to encourage them with the correct and make them feel more confident what are they learn in English. I adore the part in absolute beginner part because I need to teach those kids with patient and kindness. However, I didn't know that there will be different categories which I could use to teach them effectively. So that I will use a slower and more clearly pronounced delivery and lots of repetition with positive responses to the child's utterances irrespective of pronunciation detail.