TESOL Fuding

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C.G. - Romania said:
This unit provided an overall review of the various teaching methodologies associated with teaching ESL english, with an initial overview on the various theories, such as: grammar translation, audio linugualism, PPP, task based learning, the lexical approach amongst others. Further, this unit went on to provide a general overview of types of approaches one can use during a lesson, by first identifying the engage, study, activate approach and in turn this is used to provide the basis for the tree major ESL classes including patchwork, boomerang and straight arrow lessons. A breakdown of a lesson plan was provided to further understanding these aspects. The significant point that I have learned from this unit is that my current knowledge of teaching methodologies that I have obtained in my PGCE is vastly different to these approaches, and has been an eye opener to actually understand how students can benefit from various approaches. Going into my next role, I will definitely make use of these approaches to enhance the learning of english in my future classes.