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F.H. - South Korea said:
This unit covers some common problems that English teachers will find in their classrooms. On the very first day of each class, the teacher is already faced with a big problem to overcome with giving a good first impression of their self, the course books, the other students, and the flow of the class. Some ways that the teacher can maneuver these issues smoothly are to plan for time to introduce themselves and have the students get to know each other, find out about the needs of the class, and present a good demonstration of what the students can expect in class. There are many fun activities that can help build this rapport and also to help the students feel motivated at the beginning of each class. Teaching students who are on different levels can be challenging, but the teacher can have additional work on hand for the quicker students and pair a weaker student with a stronger one. Pair work and group work are also beneficial for use in large classes, to ensure that each student gets a turn to speak and interact with other students. There are many ways to overcome challenges in the classroom, but to speak in the native language is not recommended because the students will try to get the teacher to use it more often and feel less motivated to figure things out for themselves.