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The lesson plan is a document that reflects the way the lesson is going to happen, so that the main objectives are met. Teachers may write detailed lesson plans (typical for the inexperienced) or just some general outlines (for the most experienced). There is no perfect lesson plan. A good lesson plan should be well-organized, simple and concise. It should act as an instrument for the teacher to use during class, without restricting the teacher. The teacher has the liberty to add or leave out activities, as he/she considers, for the benefit of the students. What needs to be written down is the objective of the lesson (what the teacher wants the students to know or be able to do at the end of the lesson) and the strategy (comprising the methods, materials) to be used in order to reach the objective. The time reserved for each activity and the kind of interaction during class (teacher-student, student-student) must also be mentioned, as part of the procedure.