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D. S. - Hong Kong said:
For this unit there were two videos that displayed examples of effective versus ineffective teaching of English as a foreign language in a classroom setting. Both of the videos had the same teacher with the same set of students present. Each video also tackled the same topic of modal auxiliary verbs by using animals to help shape the lesson. In the first video the ineffective method was used. The teacher did not have a warm and welcoming attitude which left the students unwilling to participate. He was not clear about the instructions for their activities and did not seem to care about the job overall. However, in the second video the teacher properly introduced himself and asked every student for their name. He maintained a positive attitude, smiled, and gave clear instructions. The teacher also used pictures, miming, and showed interest in the job. The attitude improvement in the second video lead to greater student participation and an overall healthier learning environment. The students actually were enjoying the lesson and had better results in the second video.