TESOL Graettinger Iowa

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Though Part of the lesson was a recap of was was presented in unit 3 I learned appropriate ways to bring on new vocabulary and new topics for students. Following the ESA Patchwork model when bring in any new concept would work best with my teaching style and personality. This would give both myself and student flexibility. This is important because everyone is on their own level when it comes to learning a language. Questions that came about that the unit did not cover. Usually classes have a schedule and at one point in time they will be complete. From that I would like to know what is appropriate for the given amount of time the class has. Finding the balance of what is important and what are basic necessities I would feel that would be the best to try and teach first but who is to put a time limit on the processes of learning a completely different language. I feel working with other teachers in the future i will be able to get a better grasp on this question.