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A.L. - U.K. said:
This unit covers a more formal way of evaluating students rather than giving feedback or guiding students through lessons. Tutorials give the students the idea of what they should be taking in from the lesson. It is also good to let the students evaluate what they believe they are learning in the class. It makes the students think more about the lesson as well as how they react to lessons. Testing is the biggest area of evaluation. There are several types of tests a student may take. A placement test will show the students level of understanding. These kinds of tests gradually become harder to identify who the more advanced students may be. Progress tests should be used to find out what the student has remembered and what the student has forgotten. It will cover reading, writing, speaking and listening. These tests encourage students to review. Diagnostic tests are used to see what students know and are used to help cater a later lesson to the students. Practice tests are used in preparation for external tests such as TOEFL or TOEIC. There are many external tests that will help advance a student?s career, such as a BEC, or make sure a student has proficient understanding of English to go to a foreign school, such as the CAE.