TESOL Granite City Illinois

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A pleasant move from grammar. It was also an interesting unit. I learned a new word 'appropiacy'. I have never seen that word in print. Must be from Europe. I would have benefited from more lessons featuring different objective using ESA styles. I wonder how accessible are the pictures you suggest using to describe different tense (student creating stories inparticular tense). Was disappointed there was no video. On page 6 in boomerang activate stage were students inviting each other to participate in a leisure activity or a romantic date? All tests should consist of at least 15 items.Throughout this lesson I learned about different ways to engage and encourage my students throughout a lesson. There are many different ways to engage students in the classroom such as games, music, and discussions. Before each lesson, a teacher should elicit information for their students to understand where their student's understanding and knowledge is prior to the lesson. This will help the teacher guide the lesson in the appropriate direction. As a teacher, I should use different methods of engaging my students so as to not make each lesson too predictable and to keep my students engaged.