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K.C. – Afghanistan said:
There are clear differences between video one and video two. The teacher in the first video was disinterested in his students and not very knowledgeable about the subject matter. This caused the student to feel uncomfortable and not willing to participate in the lesson. In contrast, the teacher in the second video was friendly, and interested in his students, which encouraged more participation and fun during the lesson. Explanations and instructions were handled much more effectively in the second video causing a much better student product during the Activate phase. Even though video two was a much better lesson, it could still be improved. I would suggest students write the animal names on the board during the Engage phase of the lesson, so the teacher does not have to have his back to the students as much and they can get up and move around. An overhead projector might be another option to prevent the teacher's back to the students so much. I would also include charades to elicit verb responses from the students. Planning and delivering effective, appropriate lessons takes time and great deal of thought about the: learning objective, level of students, and teacher's attitude.