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K.H. Japan said:
As a student I have already judged a classroom on this criteria without realizing it. It is important as a student, especially a student of a foreign language, to have a teacher who is not intimidating to the point of making the student feel doubtful in what they think they understand. In other words the teacher has to make the students feel that it is okay to get certain parts wrong because it is likely that other students are struggling with the same things. It is beneficial to the class if students who are not fully understanding the lesson to speak up, but if the teacher is intimidating and gets annoyed with incorrect answers the those students will not feel safe to raise their hand. Teacher to student relationship is important in a classroom, but student to student is just as important because much like the previous lesson students learn a lot from one another. In pairwork although it is beneficial it is important to also include groupwork for those students who are not understanding to be able to listen to their fellow classmates and learn from them, rather than feeling overwhelmed in a pair because they do not understand the material. The different types of activities that occur in the classroom will ultimately reduce student stress because they walk into something new everyday with the possibility of not being put on the spot.