TESOL Hanchuan

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R.A. – U.S.A. said:
This is the hardest lesson I've had so far. As I have said before and will probably repeat a lot, most of the things introduced in the lesson are things I know or am familiar with. However there is a difference between knowing and really knowing. As I've grown up with the tenses, it is natural the way I use them and so having to learn the \"fine print\" of the tenses is really difficult. I kept getting confused on the Present Continuous and the Present Perfect Continuous, and I still get them mixed up. Maybe because the name is so similar, I actually misread one question and so read it aloud and realized that I mixed the tenses and so I had to go back and reread and fix all the previous questions. I've figured out that one (the present perfect continuous) uses the verb \"have\" and the other (present continuous) uses the verb \"be.\" But as I was reading through the lesson my mind kept getting confused on which was which. Good thing for this unit reflection because I just realized that I changed my answer for a question. Hopefully I took good enough notes on this lesson.