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W.L. - Canada said:
In Unit 4 I learned that the students when learning a new language, need to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning, understand how its constructed and be able to practice and produce it. To teach a new language, the teacher needs to cover new vocabulary as well as grammar and functions. Usually a lesson taught will be covering either one of the areas. Vocabulary is very important so that they can start to get by in the language, Usually the student's receptive words are much more that the productive words. The teacher should select which vocabulary is most appropriate for students, how often are they going to use it and the level of learning stage of the students. The students need to know the meaning, use, where the word belongs, interaction with other words, spelling and pronunciation. Usually a straight arrow ESA method cab be used to teach vocabulary. Teaching grammatical structures should include the meaning, the use, the forms and patterns and spoken and written forms if there are any differences. Two good methods to teach about grammar would be the Patchwork ESA or Boomerang ESA methods.