TESOL Hechuan

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J.D. - China said:
This unit circulated around how to properly manage the classroom. The first piece of information I found useful was the explanation of student talk time and teacher talk time. This section helped clarify instances when a teacher will most likely be talking and when they shouldn?t. For example when a teacher is presenting a lesson or giving out instructions most of the talking should be done by the teacher. More importantly this section provided input on how to avoid speaking too much, such as keeping language use below the student level and using gestures. Another interesting part of this unit is the section where building rapport with the students is suggested. A lot of the rapport a teacher builds seem to come from viewing decisions made based on the students perspective, for example suggesting to center a lesson plan around the students getting to talk to each other or forming pairs. This not only builds rapport but also language use. Other topics covered involved teacher body language, the arrangement of the classroom, and how to treat discipline. These final topics did not come with any new information.