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M.P. - Korea said:
Unit 16 covered the grammar about conditionals and reported reported speech. The section on conditionals was broken down in to smaller sections briefly describing zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals and gave examples of their general layout as well as an example to show the rule in action. I found the teaching ideas for this section to be unique; the nuclear bunker role-play, and can see how they would be easy enough to alter based on what the students are interested in or what the vocabulary at the time is. The second section on Reported Speech gave the rules, several examples of the rules in action, and a table of how a verb changes from Directed speech to Reported speech. Going on to address the changes that might be necessary for pronouns depending on the content/ intention of the speaker being reported on. I can see an Engage activity using a video clip from a news channel and having the students clarify what the newscaster is reporting on; when it happened? what happened? Why it happened? Then as an Activate activity having the students create their own news event role-play.