TESOL Hong Kong

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K.C.- France said:
I believe that a key feature of effective teaching is a mixture of course books and materials that cater to the needs of the students. With that said, materials created by the teacher are always more welcoming to students than textbooks. In order to enhance the learning experience, teachers include a variety of authentic and created materials in the lesson. Authentic materials are real and should be selected carefully depending on the level of the students while created materials are usually designed by the teacher to supplement the course book. Authentic materials can boost the confidence of students if they can understand it, but can also be too complicated for the students. Created materials are more student-focused, but it limits the exposure of students to real English. Furthermore, course books are also important materials for the class. They are helpful tools for teachers, but should not be relied on entirely. Course books normally offer a balanced mix of grammar and other skills. They also serve as a syllabus which is graded to the level of the students and provides security for students and teachers. A teacher who relies solely on course books may become unproductive.